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Vintage Speedsters, established in the West Coast for over 30 years, cruises now closer to you on the East coast. Experience a neighboring option and more personal way to get acquainted with your new classic, without having to travel to the West.
At Vintage Speedsters East (VS East) we understand that our demanding clientele expects to be fully versed on the product components and documented of its quality. We look forward to supporting your dream and are ready to provide the structure to custom build your future Vintage Speedster 356, with a closer possibility to be exposed to the touch and feel experience of it in the East coast.
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From design to delivery, your Vintage Speedster is unique to you. With customization options that will capture your creative essence and ensure the vehicle you receive is a true “one-of-a-kind”, we give you the power to select your desired options and components:
  • Choose what goes under your hood: Combustion engine or Electric
  • What is your body preference? Fiberglass or Carbon fiber
  • Pick your style: Flared or classic style body
  • Various paint/color options to accessorize: Exterior/Interior, Interior fabric, stitching

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    Classic Design With A Modern Twist!

    Introducing the First-Ever Electric 356 Speedster

    And talking about doing it all…the VS 356 can keep the period appropriate classic look and carry, or be carried, by the future. December 2021 we’ll introduce the first ever VS 356-e, the same quality Vintage Speedster that we have been manufacturing for years, coupled with an electric motor and Tesla batteries.

    Again, you dream it, we build it!

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    Your finished product will be a visual display of your greatest imagination.

    Begin building yours today and enjoy the pleasure of driving a display of beauty and dynamic machinery.


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