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Fully assembled, ready to drive, Vintage Speedster in either flared or classic style body.

Cars Built to Date

Standard Equipment
  • 1600cc Engine (approx 70hp) with 4:12 Transmission
  • Choice of Body Color
  • Choice of Interior Color
Recommended Options
1915cc Engine Upgrade (apx 85hp)
Stereo (AM/FM/CD)
Front Disc Brakes
3.88 Transmission
Other Options
Hardtop and matching Side-Windows
Flared Body Style (with 17″ Wheels & Tires)
Full Tonneau
Leather Interior
Air Conditioning (external oil cooler/fan)
Fog/Driving Lights
External Oil Cooler & Fan
External Oil Filter
Louvered Deck Lid
Battery Shutoff
Kill Switch
12v Plug/Cell Phone Port
Headlight Grills
Courtesy Light
Rear Reflectors
Luggage Rack
Trunk Carpet
Bumper Guards (front/rear)
Metallic Paint (2 stage)
Black Exterior Paint
Banjo Steering Wheel
Tire Upgrade

Custom Options

We can accommodate your custom build options without a problem.  Please call to discuss how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of frame is used?

The speedster replica was born in the 1970’s. Early manufacturers used a shortened VW pan and did not adequately reinforce the body. This led to the infamous “jack test”. If one were to lift the car with a jack, due to the body flex, the car doors would no longer close properly. Vintage Speedsters engineered a new type of structure starting with our first speedster produced in 1988.

Vintage Speedsters uses a custom built, jig welded, 2×4 inch 11-gauge steel frame. An original VW pan is restored, shortened and welded to the new steel skeleton. The rigid new structure retains the original VW pan design and integrates the largest frame possible. All of our custom built speedsters easily pass the “jack test”. In addition, the steering wheel is offset slightly, just as an original speedster.

While some manufacturers will lead the customer to believe the use of a VW pan is inferior, it’s hard to argue with some facts.
1) Volkswagen produced over 21,000,000 cars using the pan design.
2) Vintage Speedsters hand built over 3300 speedsters as of 2016.
3) We build more than 90% of the speedsters being sold today.

How many Vintage Speedsters have been built?

Vintage Speedsters was established in 1986 and as of 2016, we hand built over 3300 Speedsters. We produce in our own facilities, more cars in one week, than some so-called manufacturers do in a year.

What kind of maintenance is needed?

Vintage Speedsters use VW air-cooled engines. Stock engines will require a valve adjustment and tune-up every 3000 miles. This is a simple process and can be done by any foreign auto mechanic. VW produced over 29 million air-cooled engines, so finding parts and service is never a problem.

Gasoline Octane: 91
Oil Weight: 30W
Tire Size: 165-65-R15 or 185-60-R15
Tire Pressure: 22psi
Valve Clearance: .006
Distributor: Bosch 009

The engine oil should be changed at 3 months or 3000 mile intervals after the change of 300 miles on new motors. Most engines use a traditional style oil sump strainer

Engines equipeed with standard valves should have the valves adjusted every 3000 miles or when needed. Initial adjustment on new engines should occure first at 300 miles. Valve clearance should be set to .006

Who can I get insurance from?

Many insurance companies will cover your new Vintage Speedster. Here are just a few.
In California, US Only:
Barlow Ins. — 1-800-558-7772
Hagerty Classic Auto Ins – 1-800-922-4050
US Nationwide:
Hagerty Ins. — 1-800-747-5348

How is the speedster registered/titled?

They receive a VW title. The year reflects the manufactured year of the original donor pan.

How are smog requirements handled?

Smog is by the year of the chassis, in CA. 1976 and earlier are exempt.

What size tires work best?

165/15 Tires , 5 1/2in. By 15in. wheels, preserve the original look of the speedster.

What shipping options are available?

We can ship just about every part or car worldwide.
For information about transporting a car across the US or the Globe:
Chris Ortiz
Direct Express Inc.
303 West Artesia Blvd.
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220

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